Honour & Celebration

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and more! Tarot readings are one of the coolest and most unique private party entertainment activities to include in your special day.  

At big moments of change and celebration, Tarot offers potent insight into your current stage in life’s journey. A Tarot table at your party becomes an enchanting place to embark on a new adventure and discover the messages of the cards.

Intimate & Interactive

Your celebration isn’t just about the food, music, or decorations - it’s actually all about you and the people you’re with. Tarot provides cool and unusual party entertainment that is personal, individual, and totally unique to each guest. 

With short and poignant one-on-one readings, everyone has the opportunity to get their own special moment and leave with a new story. 

For parties of less than 10, there is also an option to have the readings done together aloud for the group in a performance style! If this of interest, we can discuss the details of this option upon booking.

Themes & Holidays

Tarot is an exciting way to add character and style to a themed event. As a professional performer, I also understand how to match the vibe and aesthetic of a theme to contribute towards building an entire entertainment experience. 

The colour and variety of Tarot’s messages fits into all kinds of holidays and fancy dress themes. Readings work brilliantly as a new, cool kind of party entertainment for themes like:

Halloween * Christmas * Valentine’s Day* Midsummer Night’s Dream * Circus * Carnival * Summer Festival * Medieval * Renaissance * Fairytale & Fantasy * Wizard / Magic School * Mythical/Gods/Goddesses * vintage/1920's * Retro/1960's/70's/Hippie and more!

Tarot Magic

How does the magic of Tarot work? Well, unlike what you may have seen in movies, there are no scary predictions! The cards are simply a system of messages providing universal wisdom. The magic happens when the cards we pull seem to speak just to you and your life!

An ancient practice with a modern vibe

With nearly 20 years experience in theatre and performing arts, I know how to create a spell-binding immersive experience. I deliver readings with a positive energy, warm sensitivity, and some of my spicy American humour. 

My approach is inclusive to folks of all different ages, faiths, cultures, and queer/LGBT+ friendly. (I can even read with more modern/queer/poc representative tarot decks on request.)

That Witch Tarot aims to provide the best unique private party and events entertainment in London. Check the Events FAQ's for info on bookings outside of London. 

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