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Space: Some events create their own tarot area/room, but as long as there is a small table off to the side with privacy for one-to-one readings, I have all I need to set up a magical little space. I'll also do what I can to accommodate any aesthetic themes I can include if desired.

For small groups of 10 or less, you can also choose to hear each other's readings aloud together in a shared performance style. We can discuss this option when you book to see if it will work for your event.

Time: How long to book usually depends on size of the party - I can accommodate up to 12 readings max per hour. Longer readings are more nuanced and deep, but short readings are still quite impactful! For most events a minimum of 2 hours is recommended to give a decent amount of keen guests ample time for their chance.

For personal celebrations like birthdays or weddings, the guests of honour usually receive a slightly longer reading (15-30 minutes) and the rest of the time is divided among the other guests with shorter readings (around 5 - 10 minutes each.) This is just a suggestion however - how the time is used is up to you.

My fee already allows for extra time to get there early to set up, take a short break if needed, and accommodate for the schedule running over, so we shouldn't be stressed about time on the day.
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Fee: My fee for private events starts at £150 per hour for the first 2 hours, with well discounted rates for longer bookings. I also occasionally do seasonal offers. Get in touch with the details of your event for a specific quote.

Outside of London? If your event is outside of London I would still be honoured to join you - however an additional fee will be added on top of the readings quote to cover travel time and costs for trains/taxis. Depending on location this can range anywhere from £50 - £150. If the event goes late past final return trains, we can discuss accommodation options.

T&C's: When you decide to book, you'll be sent a request for a 50% deposit to hold the booking. I operate a 48-hour cancellation policy - I understand things can be touch-and-go in these pandemic times, so if you need to cancel, the deposit will be refunded as long as you cancel at least 48 hours before the event. The remainder is to be paid on or before the day. I have a reader to take cards, but since things can get busy during an event most clients opt to pay the balance digitally ahead of time. (I do not offer an invoice later system.)

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